A Study in Lift Design

Navigating the sheer volume of conflicting information about automotive service equipment can be a confusing experience for even the most seasoned car lift operator. This includes professionals and DIY’ers alike. Common issues that are often downplayed by eager dealers include rebranded products, huge tensile strength variations in seemingly identical steels and fly-by-night companies that no longer exist by the time you need to replace a part. Particularly on the web, an increasingly popular trend among some of the less reputable companies is to spread half-truths and "gray area" technical specifications regarding their products. No, they probably aren’t lying, but they also aren’t giving you the information they say they are.

BendPak Study in lift Design Car lifts

BendPak is here to help you fight back. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality service, we’ve released a series of studies to help you cut through the jargon and creative advertising so you can simply understand what you are buying. Let’s face it: the products we’re dealing with are usually expensive, very heavy and potentially dangerous. You have every right to know what qualifies as a pass or fail during certification. And you need to know which features are mere luxuries and which ones are absolutely essential to your safety.

BendPak wants everyone who is thinking about purchasing a lift or automotive service product to educate themselves and carefully evaluate all of their options, including our own competition. ​It won’t take long for you to see that all automotive equipment is definitely not created equal. If you do decide to buy BendPak, you’ll know better than anyone else what true value looks and feels like.