BendPak / Ranger offers comprehensive training courses to help you and your techs get the most of the equipment you purchase from any authorized BendPak dealer. See our current training offerings below.

Balancing safety

When it comes to lifting vehicles on a two-post lift, knowing the exact center of gravity is crucial. Luckily, manufacturers design specific lifting points (same as the jacking points) and mark them on the underside of most vehicles. Whether your vehicles feature unibody/pinch rails or frame points, it's extremely dangerous to "guess" where those points are and risk vehicle damage and/or car lift failure. This balancing guide serves as a calculation tool that explains how manufacturers determine vehicle lift points. Mechanics should have an understanding of these physics principles before raising and getting underneath vehicles.

Wheel alignment training

Wheel alignment services are offered in most auto shops, but the equipment itself is rather sophisticated. It takes about a day of practice for new techs to get familiar with the software and equipment, so Ranger offers training services for you and your techs. Our wheel alignment systems are some of the easiest to use in the industry, and our latest software updates and equipment upgrades are ensuring better performance and faster turnaround. This training information page covers the basics of what you and your team will learn in a one-day session.

We highly recommend you take advantage of Ranger's training. At the end of that day, your mechanics will have aligned vehicles and learned the ins and outs of the software, including how to perform basic troubleshooting and software updates.