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2,722-kg. Capacity / Mid-Rise Scissor Lift / Open Center / Flush Mount

With nearly 1,144 mm of rise from the flush-mounted position, the MDS-6LPF is a world-class performer in the mid-rise pad lift class. There's no better way to get this much power and height from a fully collapsed, zero-footprint design.

MDS-6LPF Flush-Mount Mid-Rise Scissor Lift  by BendPak
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The MDS-6LPF Walks the Walk

If you’re looking to flush-mount your lift in the floor for a smooth sub-surface installation, be sure to choose the MDS-6LPF. It shares all the same features of the MDS-6LP but is more ideal if you want your lift to collapse perfectly parallel with your flooring.

Stronger lift from a collapsed position

A pneumatic "kick" powers the lift up from the collapsed height, which for a flush-mount means it goes from zero-footprint to full rise in about 45 seconds. This extra boost ensures a more even lift in the early inches, and the hydraulics take over from there.

Four hydraulic cylinders

We put enough power in this scissor lift to ensure it handles that 2,722-kg. load without a hitch. Fluid traveling to all four cylinders goes through a flow divider to ensure equal pressure at all times. The platforms are always going to rise and descend simultaneously every inch of the way.

Solid-steel safety lock bars

With three locking positions to choose from, the MDS-6LPF offers incredible work height versatility. If you've got a pit, the mid-rise design becomes a full-height service lift.

Convenient stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders

Instead of spring releases, which tend to wear over time, our flush-mount design features air cylinders pressurized to 50 psi, 10-CFM. A simple hand pump or air compressor will have the cylinders ready to go in seconds.

A push-button safety lock release system

The push of a button releases all locks simultaneously and quickly lowers the scissor lift platforms down to their flush-mounted starting position.

Hinge-point features Zerk grease fittings

Zerk grease fitting are long-lasting, self-lubricating and simple to maintain. They'll virtually last forever with minimal care.

Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks

Hard rubber blocks come standard with your lift purchase. No small, dinky pads here. These rugged lifting tools will protect your vehicles' frames and are guaranteed not to slip when properly placed during lifting procedures.

NOTE: The lift platform and contact blocks allow lifting of most unibody and frame contact undercarriages at recommended manufacturer pick-up points on most vehicles. Be sure to compare your vehicle specifications, including ground clearance and overall height, with the specifications shown before you purchase.

Detailed installation and maintenance instructions

We include a full installation and training/service manual, along with safety decals and stickers, for your convenience.


  • Each lift platform features four solid steel-scissor frame support bars, making it one of the strongest mid-rise lifts in its class
  • Dual master hydraulic cylinder combines with dual equalizing cylinders to provide a safe and level
  • Soli-steel safety lock bars engage automatically during ascent
  • Convenient stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders simultaneously release safety locks during descent with a simple push of a button. (NOTE: Requires min. 50 psi, 10-CFM air source at time of installation.)
  • A push-button safety lock release system is operated away from the lift and allows operators to safely deactivate the locks without the need to push or pull cumbersome release bars or lock release handles
  • Hinge point features Zerk grease fitting to allow lubrication at critical wear areas
  • Comes standard with four durable cushioned-rubber contact blocks, permitting fast vehicle setup
  • Three locking positions allow technicians to work at different working heights to increase productivity and minimize fatigue
  • Powder coat finish provides a long lasting durable finish
  • Flush-mount design for in-ground installation in lube shops, full-service bays and home garage environments looking for a zero-footprint lift


MDS-6LPF specs diagram
Lifting capacity:
2,722 kg (6,000 lbs.)
Lifting height:
1,093 mm (43") / (minus 111 mm for sub-surface flooring)
Lifting height + blocks:
1,144 mm (45") / (minus 111 mm for sub-surface flooring)
Lift platform dimensions:
484 mm x 1,701 mm (19" x 67")
Width between platforms:
1,018 mm to 1,168 mm (40" to 46")
Overall width:
Overall length:
1,701 mm (67")
Lowered height:
5 mm (.2")
Lifting time:
35 seconds
110 or 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping weight:
645 kg (1,422-lbs)
Shipping dimensions:
1,778 mm x 1,549 mm x 635 mm (70'' x 61'' x 25'')