What is the best wheel balancer for tyre shops?

The wheel balancer you put in your tyre shop is totally dependent on the type of vehicles you service. Ranger Products offers three units that reflect the different needs of tyre shops across the country. If you mainly service sports cars, sedans, light trucks and SUVs, then you probably don’t need the largest unit we offer. Likewise, if your tyre shop services commercial trucks on a regular basis, we have a wheel balancer to work around the clock on some of the largest commercial truck tyres on the market. We’d like to offer you a quick breakdown of the three wheel balancers we offer. Think of this as your Ranger Products wheel balancer cheat sheet, a quick reference guide to help you save time on our site.

DST-2420: Elegance and Reliability in a State-of-the-art Design

The DST-2420 will balance tyres up to 30” in diameter, quickly and accurately. This is one of the best wheel balancers for your tyre shop. An easy-to-read LED display gives you fast readings and helps you accurately adjust the balance of a wide variety of wheels. The low RPM, rapid six-speed cycle is fast and completely reliable. While it looks similar to other wheel balancers, Ranger Products takes pride in the look and feel of our equipment. If it has the Ranger name, it won’t use flimsy, cheap steel or—excuse us—crappy parts in any part of the design. The hardware, electrical components and readouts on this unit are as durable as the rest of the machine. We stand by this model wheel balancer as the industry standard-bearer in quality.

DST-64T: Superior Technology to Put the Best above the Rest

This unit is the pride and joy of our non-commercial line. It offers all the features of the DST-2420, plus a little something extra: our patented and globally recognized Drive-Check™ technology. This sophisticated device features an automatic wheel data wand that takes readings, registers them to a powerful processor and returns the information in under three seconds. Weight optimization, multi-directional quartz piezoelectric load sensors and 64-bit architecture arguably make the DST-64T the most impressive wheel balancer we’ve ever manufactured. The prominent LCD screen is also optimized for operator convenience. If you haven’t already, check the DST-2420 out, pronto! We have good reason to believe this might be the best wheel balancer for your tyre shop.

RB24T: The Wheel Balancer that Goes East Bound and Down

We’re not saying we’re doing what they say can’t be done, but the RB24T is made specifically for large commercial trucks. This is the only wheel balancer we make that services tyres up to 50” in diameter, so you’ll need one in your shop if you want to keep that diesel truckin’. The three-phase 380V drive-motor creates a fast start-up, even under heavy loads from massive tyres. Because quality matters, this wheel balancer, like all the others, is built from solid stainless steel and power-coated with a beautiful finish that will look sharp and professional in every tyre shop. The low RPM balancing speed and rapid 7‐10 second cycle time lead the industry in reliability and accuracy. The last thing any teamster is going to accept is a bad balancing job; they make their living by being reliable and efficient, and we make ours by making sure their job is easier and safer than ever before. And we wouldn’t say this if we didn’t truly believe we could back it up: the best wheel balancer for your tyre shop is with Ranger Products.