Car Warriors was a fun but short-lived car show that aired on the Speed Channel for two seasons. We think this show never got its due, as it showed some really fun competitions that seemed inspired by Iron Chef and other beat-the-clock-style shows.

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While the show was in its glory days, frontrunner Jimmy Shine was proud to tell us all about his automotive lift obsession, which started and ended with one word: BendPak.

Jimmy Shine BendPak Four-Post lift

My BendPak lift has always given me great peace of mind. Whether it’s a car that’s owned by Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, or from any of our valued customers, again, great peace of mind knowing that their car is sitting on a BendPak lift. My BendPak lift.

Things get a little more personal too, as he reflects on the long road he and BendPak have taken together.

You know, I’ve had a very longstanding relationship with BendPak, and it goes back seven, eight, nine years. And I’ve always been taken care of. Always a fine quality product. You know, for television shows to work good in the shop... long hours... I can always depend on BendPak. I can always depend on their service. Say no more! It doesn’t get any better.

And he wasn’t kidding about the need for dependability on his show. Time constraints and long hours were no joke on Car Warriors. Teams were given 72 hours (48 hours in season two) to complete a build and out-do the competition’s restoration project. Jimmy Shine was the voice of reason... or chaos, depending on the day... and his word was the deciding vote. It’s still an awesome show, and we highly recommend digging back into the archives to check it out.