Style Guide

Product model numbers

Ensure that all newly developed model numbers have a dash between the first two or three letters and the rest of the sequence. Generally speaking, if you are referring to a product by its model number, do not alter the presentation of its model number.

A brief word on semi-colons and colons

Semi-colons separate two independent clauses (complete sentences), and colons announce something, such as a list; however, they are not necessary in most cases. Periods between sentences, however short, are never technically wrong. You should only use semi-colons and colons if you are extremely comfortable with common grammar conventions, as improper use can be jarring and confusing.

Help is just around the corner!

If you need further assistance with grammar or punctuation standards, here is a free grammar site that you will likely find extremely useful, regardless of your age or language proficiency. Adjust the difficulty of each topic and practice as much as you want. Go get 'em!

Final amendment

We covered only a few of the most basic writing conventions. This style guide was intentionally written to exhibit a range of grammatical conventions. Observe the use of commas, em dashes, semi-colons, etc. Most of all, proofread everything you write. If anything in this style guide section is confusing, seek the help of a senior content writer or manager. They will help you through it!